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5 Outfit Details Fashion People Never Overlook


There’s really no such thing as a “perfect outfit. If you love a particular look, by all means, live your life. That said, fashion people in particular do strive for trend-forward ‘fits that inspire. While every vibe is different based on personal style, there are a few specific outfit details the style elite never forgets about to achieve their ideal silhouette.

Here, we’re talking about the specifics—special accessories to accentuate an ensemble if it calls for it, styling tweaks, and the like. For example, if a fashion person is going for a blouse-and-denim situation, they most likely won’t leave it at that; they’ll incorporate a cool belt into the look to enhance the overall feel and give it a finishing touch. This is the type of detail they don’t overlook.

So with that, we bring you five styling tricks to consider as you craft your “perfect outfits.” We’re also showcasing a few must-haves as well to add into your A+ wardrobe.



1. Skræddersy og proportioner til en strømlinet silhuet

Fashion people never forget about proportions or their overall silhouette. For example, rather than wearing two baggy pieces together, they’ll consider tucking in a looser top into wider-leg pants to accentuate the waist for a balanced vibe.


2. Tilføjelse af et bælte for at fuldføre stemningen

It’s really all about the details. Take this look, for example. While the leather blouse and trousers works on its own, the overall look feels more fashion-forward by tucking in the blouse (open to show off layered necklaces) and incorporating a belt looped in a nontraditional way.


 3. Lagdeling for at tilføje dimension

One of the simplest ways to add a little extra dimension and character to an ensemble is by layering. So rather than simply tossing on your favorite crewneck, try incorporating a slim turtleneck underneath mixed with a crisp jacket for a high-concept feel.


4. Unique Jewelry for Individuality

Similar to the above theory about adding accessories like a belt, weaving in jewelry into your outfit is one of the key ways fashion people make their ensembles feel more special; interesting rings, bracelets, and so on add personal flair to a look.



5. Omfavne personlig stil

Frem for alt er det bedste stylingtip af alle at læne sig ind i, hvad der får dig til at føle dig godt tilpas og mest som dig. Hvis du elsker iøjnefaldende udskrifter og farver, skal du omfavne dem med et outfit, der passer til din personlige stil. Alternativt, hvis en helt sort ”pasform er din stil, fungerer det lige så godt”, så længe det taler til dig.